Ruth Webb

Ruth Webb is a resident of the Summit Lake community. She first got connected to South Street Ministries through Girls on the Run when the group came to Front Porch Fellowship after their 5k. A year after, she joined Girls Studio during the program’s collaboration with Gum-Dip Theatre. Ruth is currently in the 9th grade, and is [...]

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Eric Harmon

Eric Harmon has worked at South Street Ministries since 2010 as the Project Manager for The Front Porch.  During his time at South Street Ministries, Eric also co-led the Barnabas Jobs Ministry with Toni Jones and the Reentry Network with Donovan Harris.  He now works as a prison chaplain in Mansfield, Ohio. He and his [...]

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Bob Pacanovsky

Bob Pacanovsky is an entrepreneur and was in the hospitality industry for over twenty years.  He now uses that experience to assist the Front Porch Café in a volunteer role with food and service-related opportunities.  He relishes these opportunities to help the Front Porch Café grow and prosper.  When Bob is not assisting them, he [...]

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