Our Mission & Values

Our Mission: Unlikely Partners Taking Shared Risks to Renew Our Community for Christ’s Sake.

  • Unlikely Partners — Bringing together folks from different backgrounds, classes, and walks to work together for a common community good.
  • Taking Shared Risks — Everyone puts some skin in the game at South Street, together we risk our finances, comfort, and selves to see lives and communities restored.
  • To Renew Our Community — We desire to see South Akron and Summit Lake as good places to live for all people, with safe streets, viable jobs, and deep community.
  • For Christ’s Sake — Everything South Street does comes from a place of faith and a pursuit of Christ. We desire to see Christ formed in our neighbor and in ourselves.

Our Values:

  • Humility — Culturally and organizationally, we promote the ‘we’ before ‘me’
  • Hospitality — We are inclusive in our practices, creating a non-judgemental environment where we accept individuals as they are.
  • Faith — We trust on God’s provision and direction.
  • Authenticity — We are real and transparent.
  • Diversity — We purposefully seek as a means to the end.
  • Community Engagement — We connect to and in the Summit Lake and South Akron neighborhoods.