Second Floor

Front Room


South Street Ministries envisions this room as the headquarters for the community, economic, and spiritual development of Summit Lake, South Akron, and the entire city. Our hope is that conversations from relationships in the casual, first floor Front Porch Cafe would be developed more intentionally within this large conference room.

The largest of all the second floor offices, the front room will house Pastor Duane Crabbs’ expansive library, a large conference table, and projector and video for trainings and workshops. This professional space will bring together community members, partners, and agencies in conversations that lead toward action.


This space will also be the headquarters of the Third Side Partners and the Christian Community Development Network of Akron, bringing together leaders from across the city, county, and region together to encourage each other, train each other, and collaborate together towards a renewed Akron.

Imagine a businessman looking to invest in the city through just housing, picture a small group from a suburban church looking for training on how to work with inner-city youth, envision neighbors rallying together with a unified voice. The Front Room will be the rallying point for the future development of Summit Lake, South Akron, and the city at large!

Office Suite


The Front Porch needs to be a sustainable resource for South Street Ministries. The Cafe on the first floor provides earned revenue that helps create jobs and maintain the building.

Professional office space, available for rent, on the second floor will also help financially support South Street Ministries & bring new businesses or ministry partners into the area.

Part of place making involves a greater number of participants. South Street Ministries is not in this alone, there are many other groups and organizations seeking the good of the city. This office suite provides the space for other organizations and/or businesses to seek the good of the city!

Business Incubation


Based on conversations with local business leaders, dedicating part of the second floor to business incubation was an idea we became very excited about!

When a good business idea turns to action, the business incubation room will serve as the next step for development. Serving as low-rent space for start-up ventures, the business incubation room will provide Christian Community Development training for investors, entrepreneurs, and neighborhood leaders by connecting aspiring leaders to practiced, business veterans and local pastoral leadership.

The business incubation room gives new ideas the space and training to wrestle through unique urban challenges of economic and community development. We want this space to be where questions like these are asked and answered:

“How do we attract customers to a ‘tough’ part of town?”
“How can suburban investors and neighborhood leaders lead together in rhythms that are equitable and reciprocal?”
“What are the assets of our neighborhood?”

The business incubation room will be a unique venue that brings together people from a mix of backgrounds to actively work together to renew the South Akron and Summit Lake communities. Imagine planning the next neighborhood grocery store or developing a local business that hires men and women from the reentry community!

The business incubation room is the launching pad for future development efforts!

Community Resource


The first floor of the Front Porch is a social gathering place, but when you’re ready to get down to business, you head up to the second floor. The Community Resource Room will be the most frequented space of the second floor.

As the economy changes and technology advances, computer access is essential for completing a GED, filing a FASFA, applying for college, drafting a resume and finding and applying for jobs. Hosting an array of computers with Internet access and printing availability, we envision this community resource room as a professional space for personal development.

Unemployed and under-employed individuals can create e-mail accounts, apply for employment, and further their own personal development through access to technology. Imagine South Street volunteers from business, academia and social services partnering with those seeking assistance!

Art & Activity


This unique room has large windows and beautiful exposed brick walls – perfect for art, beauty and common space.

We envision using this room as a multipurpose room  including an artist’s studio and an area for children’s activities. It could also become a library – or something we have not yet imagined!

The Activity and Art room presents the vision of South Street Ministries – a restored Summit Lake and South Akron through the partnering efforts of caring Christians sharing resources and skills to advance God’s Kingdom