About The Front Porch Cafe

The Front Porch is South Street’s between space:
Between rich and poor.
Between black and white.
Between the Church and the world.
Between stranger and neighbor.

Cross the threshold & join us in a space to be still, stay sober, find work, connect, serve, eat, & worship.

Front_Porch_Cafe_LogoThe Front Porch Cafe exists to provide the South Akron and greater Akron communities with a place to come together, break bread, and fellowship together. We believe that connecting people together through shared meals and shared mission can transform lives and communities. The Front Porch provides both. Furthermore, the vision of the Front Porch Cafe is to train and connect unemployed and underemployed men and women from the recovery and reentry communities to transition into employment in the food service industries.

OutsideThe Front Porch Cafe opened in 2011 in South Akron with a vision of creating jobs and job training for the unemployed and ex-offenders in the Akron area. The Cafe now operates daily as a place of community connection to employment, recovery, and Christian fellowship.  The Cafe serves breakfast and lunch and can cater to small groups with advance notification. Your support of the Front Porch Cafe helps develop the South Akron economy and the men and women who live and work here!