How’s the Weather?

If you’ve ever lived in Akron, you know the weather can turn on a dime! Within the course of a week (or even a single day) it is not unheard of to experience summer sun, sleet, fog, winter frost, cold rain, and warm spring showers!

Akronites maintain a certain capacity to roll with the weather. It’s a learned skill of living in Northeast Ohio. At South Street Ministries, there is a spiritual equivalent — our days in ministry are often spent in a broad range of places and peoples:

  • training a group of suburban volunteers to engage the city respectfully
  • conversing with and assisting someone recently released from prison
  • interacting with neighborhood youth in community garden plots
  • talking with the philanthropic community about neighborhood development.
  • speaking at churches about God’s heart for those that are down-trodden.

Perhaps the varied weather of Akron has prepared us for the varied forms of service and ministry seen daily at South Street Ministries!

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